Robalo 245

Land has nothing to do with it.

Faux-marble countertops, a teak and holly sole, real wood trim, a flush-mount refrigerator, a hidden stove, and a functional dinette are all common interior features-just not on 24' fishboats. Robalo's new 245 aims to change that. This classy cabin is finely detailed and comes with what you'd expect to find on significantly larger, more expensive boats. The cushions are plush, and the ports are screened. The solid fiberglass headliner is cushioned to prevent bumps on the head, and the entry door is a large, translucent slider that won't slam or bang, unlike more common bifold entry doors.

That yachty feel continues topside, too. Opt for the windlass ($1,810) and you get foot controls and a stainless-steel anchor mount. Along the sidedecks, you'll notice pull-up cleats, which eliminate a tripping hazard. And you take after a swim, a freshwater shower located right next to the swim ladder rinses away salty residue. Even the bilge looks like it comes from a costlier vessel. Poke your head belowdecks, and you'll spot cast-bronze seawater strainers-a rare feature on boats this size.

The helm station is comfy, with fully adjustable seats, a Sirius-ready radio mounted in the dash, and red lighting that won't ruin your night vision integrated into the hardtop. But life isn't all about comfort and relaxation-you have fishing to do. W1ith the optional 50-gallon in-deck insulated fishbox ($369), two 40-gallon boxes aft of the helm seats, under-gunwale hook-and-bungee racks (with padding for your reels), a metal toerail, and a 30-gallon lighted transom baitwell, you're ready for some serious fish slaying. Cockpit drenched in blood? Robalo mounts a raw-water washdown in the motorwell, perfectly placed to leave a short-coil hose for quick access. It's just one more thing from the list of many that makes you think the 245 is bigger than it really is.