Superboat 30 Challenge

Super saucy.
Superboat Challenge 30

Superboat 30

Forest Johnson

They Say: At 30′-by-7′ and 1,800 pounds, this deep-V center console delivers unmatched efficiency, ride, and utility.

We Say: When fuel is about $4 a gallon, a boat that gets 4 mpg makes lots of cents. The ultra-light 30 Challenge allows great performance with just one engine. Its long, narrow deep-V hull gobbled a stiff, wind-driven chop. Despite being over-propped, which didn’t allow the Suzuki DF 300 to make 6300 rpm, my prototype tester hit 56.5 mph. With the right wheel, and a higher mounting hole position, the 30 Challenge should best 60 mph. Handling is quick and ultra-responsive. If you can’t get past the narrow beam, think of it as a 24-footer with a 6′-long, razor-sharp cutwater attached to the bow. Hull coring, knitted reinforcement, and vinylester resin influence the 30 Challenge’s lightweight strength. The layout features huge in-sole stowage compartments and an array of optional helm and transom seating. A unique hinged hatch in the bow flips open, revealing enough space for a portable toilet, anchor chocks, shelving for line, and dedicated safety gear stowage. Rigging and access is excellent, but I didn’t like that the washdown hose was plumbed through the transom.

Superboat 30 Specs

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Who’d Want One: Anyone seeking a fun, easily maintained boat that can slice through choppy water.

Another Choice: Heavier and typically powered by twins, Concept’s 30 PF can’t match the 30 Challenge’s efficiency, but it boasts a cuddy and more standard amenities for about $100,000.

MSRP: Test power – $80,000 ****


Contact: 631.226.1761