Tigé RZR

Touch-screen technology, epic style and perfect wakes unite.

On a recent tour of the oh-so-clean Tigé factory in Abilene, Texas, hull molds gleamed from their buffing and awaited the next hull layup. During the process, multiple layers of premium gelcoat, then layup fabrics, are laminated in, overlapping at the keel for extra toughness. Wetted glass is skillfully rolled, removing all bubbles. This is what goes inside a Tigé hull to make it the rocking wakeboard rig we tested.

Though Tigé created edgy styling complemented by bold graphics to add zing to its sporty craft, behind the helm, little of that is seen and none is necessary to prove the company is a substantial player in the inboard wake and waterski boat market. The gearshift and throttle control lever is butter smooth, making minute throttle changes easy for manually holding tow speeds and for controlled docking maneuvers.

In our test, I’d been focused on the water, the turns and the throttle — all so crisp and smooth. Then we cut back across our own wake to gauge the chop’s effect on inducing rattles and groans — sounds there just weren’t any of. True to an inboard’s form, the bow cut deep into the wakes, but it delivered us over them in remarkably smooth form. Then, when the joy riding was done, I looked over the wheel for gauges and switches and all I saw was a 6½-inch LCD screen. I touched the screen and it came alive. Touch, and up came engine instruments. Touch again, and up came a page to turn on or off the bilge pump, courtesy lights and running lights — anything that is electrical is activated from here. Even the ballast tanks capable of holding 1,600 pounds can be filled and expertly balanced to your preference and tuned for a sweet “green room” surfing wake from this panel. Touch the TAPS2 button on the throttle to retract the tab, and the boat squats nicely for the wake. Put the tab down, and the running angle flattens for a skier’s thin wake.

After noting a blistering acceleration rate of 2.7 seconds to plane, we started yanking the helm from port to starboard with the throttle still to the firewall. This is where good V-drive inboards shine, and our tester did, cutting its own wake in circles so tight that we crossed the chop almost before the whitewater from the prop dissipated. Even if the wave behind isn’t your focus, this is a family fun machine.

Comparable model: Malibu Wakesetter VLX