Tigé RZR

The Tigé RZR is built to yank a skier or wakeboarder up without hesitation.

December 20, 2010

When the test team stepped into Tigé’s RZR dockside, all noted the solid stance of the 7-foot-10-inch beam. Solid became the operative word throughout our test experience.

In the driver’s seat, I slid the throttle forward in one sweeping fingertip move. Add “smooth” to solid, and factor another “solid” into the picture: acceleration. The Tigé RZR is built to yank a skier or wakeboarder up without hesitation. At 2.7 seconds to plane, acceleration proved solid enough to do that too. After checking acceleration and top speed, we started yanking the helm from port to starboard with the throttle still to the firewall. This is where good V-drive inboards shine and our tester did, cutting its own wake in circles so tight that we crossed the chop almost before the whitewater from the prop dissipated.

I’d been focused on the water, the turns and the throttle, but when I looked over the wheel for gauges and switches, all I saw was a 6.5-inch LCD screen. I touched the screen and it came alive. Touch, and up come engine instruments. Touch it again, and up comes a page to turn things on or off; bilge pump, courtesy lights and running lights are all accessible from one LCD touch-control panel. Then touch to bring up the ballast panel to load up the tanks with 1,600 pounds of ballast, or weight the tanks for port or starboard to tune the wake to a “green room” wakesurfing curl that lets surfers ride at an easy, knees-bent shoulders-slumped posture that just feels cool.


Touch that panel again, and you access the display feature that made Tigé famous. The TAPS2 system integrates hull rocker with a central trim tab that adjusts the running attitude to give the boat either a perfect ski wake or an epic wakeboard ramp.

Solid? Yep, epic solid.

Extra Points
Wraparound seating is so spacious that we thought we had a 23-footer.


The LCD touch controls are intuitive, making them easy to operate in seconds.

Tigé’s 3-D cast-aluminum wakeboard tower is straight out of Batman and folds for storage.

Styling is head-turning cutting-edge, with multicolor schemes and stainless-steel bling.


Test Drive

  • » Test Engine: PCM 343 T.7 L
  • » Test Prop: Acme 537 13½” X 16″
  • » Test Load: People (400 LB.); Fuel (20 GAL.)
  • » Top Speed: 41.7 MPH @ 5,300 RPM
  • » Time to Plane: 2.7 sec.
  • » Time to 30 MPH: 6.4 sec.

Vital Stats

  • » Length Overall: 20′
  • » Beam: 7’10”
  • » Dry Weight: 3,489 LB.
  • » Seating/Weight Capacity: 12/1,740 LB.
  • » Fuel Capacity: 38 GAL.
  • » Max HP: 343
  • » MSRP: $77,900 (as tested); $57,600 (base w/ 343 engine)
  • » NMMA Certified

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