Tige Z1

Tigé’s freshest styling went into the Z1, and its sharpest pencil set the price.

November 18, 2008

At the Tigé factory, Tyvek-suited technicians layered heated gel coat into molds so polished that you could shave in their reflection. Then, other white-suited techs hand-laid fiberglass mat, overlapping layers at the keel, forming an iron-tough backbone. Every layer of glass and resin was rolled out meticulously. Composite stringers were glassed into the mold, and aluminum-engine mounting plates were saddled over the stringers. The deck was then bonded to the hull — first with sealant, then with a layer of fiberglass inside the joint from stem to stern. JD Power Award-winning PCM engines are mounted in Tigé boats before they are blinged to perfection with stainless-steel trim, hardware and cleats. After seeing one built, anyone would want it.

Best practices built the Z1, so we used our toughest testing practices to test its mettle. Steady acceleration gives wakeboarders and skiers the perfect lift from the water. Tigé’s patented ConvexV hull features a rocker shape at the transom that lets the Z1 squat deep for a great wake at speeds of 16 to 22 mph. Activate Tigé’s TAPS2 system, a center trim plate at the transom, to lower the nose and lighten the wake for skiing or trim for speed or smooth running. Tigé’s intuitive, easy-to-use speed control is most impressive, working like a cruise control to precisely hold a wake speed.

The Z1 is designed for economy, but after examining it inside and out, and then running it hard, we can’t see a single compromise in style or hull integrity.

Tige Z1
Tige Z1 Certified Test Results Boating Magazine

Key Note: Tigé’s freshest styling went into the Z1, and its sharpest pencil set the price.

Standout Features
• The Batman-sculpted Alpha Z aluminum tower has integrated docking lights and a patented flip-over tow point with anchor light on the opposite side.
• Razor-sharp lines sweep from bow to stern and are replicated in the cockpit and dash for an exciting look.
• Tigé’s intuitive SpeedSet speed-control system monitors fuel flow and accelerates to wakeboarding speed perfectly every time.

Vital Stats
* Length Overall: 21′
* Beam: 8’4″
* Dry Weight: 3,714 lb.
* Seating/Weight Capacity: 10/1,650 lb.
* Fuel Capacity: 38 gal.
* Maximum HP: 343
* MSRP (test boat w/ PCM EX343 5.7L): $48,999
* NMMA Certified: Yes


Test Drive
* Test Engine: PCM EX343 5.7L
* Test Prop: Acme 13.5 x 16
* Test Load: People (550 lb.); Fuel (20 gal.)
* Optimum Cruise Speed: 25 mph @ 3,000 rpm, 6.5 gph
* Top Speed: 44.1 mph @ 5,000 rpm
* Time to 20 MPH: 4 sec.
* Time to 30 MPH: 6.3 sec.


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