World’s Fastest Electric Boat

Cigarette Racing AMG Electric Concept Boat

World’s Fastest Electric Boat

While we still think electric power is promising, though not yet practical for most boaters, we applaud all efforts to push the envelope. That’s the only way the technology will advance to the point of providing boaters with the performance and run time they need and expect.

Check out this 38-foot Cigarette Racing-AMG Electric Drive Concept we inspected at the 2013 Miami Boat Show. The high-performance drive fitted in the electric super sports car makes the offshore powerboat the world's most powerful and fastest electrically driven motor boat. With an output of 1656 kilowatts (2,220hp) and a maximum torque of 3000 Newton metres (2,213 ft-lb,) the Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept Boat hits 99.1 mph.

Numerous components from the SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive have been integrated in the design.

The vital statistics at a glance:

High-tech from Formula 1: The lithium-ion high-voltage battery.

Battery efficiency, performance and weight: In all three areas Mercedes-AMG is setting new standards. The high-voltage battery in the SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive boasts an energy content of 60 kilowatt hours, an electric load potential of 600 kilowatts and a weight of 548 kg – all of which are absolute best values in the automotive sector. The liquid-cooled lithium-ion high-voltage battery features a modular design with a maximum voltage of 400 V. It consists of 12 modules each comprising 72 lithium-ion cells. Cigarette integrates four high-tech batteries with a total of 48 modules and 3456 cells which generate a total capacity of 240 kilowatt hours and an electric output of 2400 kilowatts – benchmark figures that earn respect even in the boat building industry.

Advanced technology and know-how from the world of Formula 1 have been called on during battery development: The battery is the result of the cooperation between Mercedes-AMG GmbH in Affalterbach.

See and hear an electric-powered boat pulling waterskiers here.

Takeaway: Electric motors deliver their maximum torque at all speeds, even at "idle."