Yamaha LX2000

The LX2000 sport boat was just plain fun to drive. Throttle response was instant throughout the rpm range.

Every once in a while we come across a boat that’s best described as just plain fun to drive, and that's how several of us felt while driving the Yamaha LX2000 sport boat. It has seating for seven, but we were busting bellies with two and three people along for the ride. A lighter load seemed like the best way to get this baby skittering around.

The LX2000 doesn’t sound like a traditional jet boat -- i.e., a beefed-up PWC. In fact, it sounds downright impressive. We saw why as we sat down. An independent transmission shifter sits next to dual throttle controls, providing independent acceleration for each of the twin high-performance 135s. Throttle response was instant throughout the rpm range.

Raising the engine cover revealed easily accessible mechanicals and an inboard pump cleanout means no getting wet to clean the intakes of grass or debris. Stainless-steel impellers and impeller housing liners should make the water pumps more durable, while sacrificial zinc anodes protect all underwater metal parts from erosion. An automatic bilge pump handles any stray water that may enter the engine area.

Aesthetically, the LX2000 crosses into the runabout arena. It sports a new blue color and combines the luxury, style, comfort and performance of a more conventional propeller-driven boat. Twin adjustable swivel helm seats and the multi-function electronic information center behind the steering wheel are features you don’t expect to find on a jet-driven boat. Sure-footing is ensured with the use of full-floor removable carpeting with a non-skid liner hull, while a standard Bimini top gives sun protection for the cockpit. Heck, there are even cupholders molded into the hull at every seat, plus strategically-placed grab rails.

Why buy this 20-footer instead of a prop-driven boat? Peace of mind; there are no lower units to wreck nor exposed props to fear. Never mind the awesome ride.__

Nice Touches

1. Telescoping ski pylon and swim platform with retractable boarding ladder and grab rails

2. Easy access to cleanout baskets at the engine intake

3. Very large ski locker in the deck

4.Fully-adjustable driver and passenger bucket seats and rearview mirrors