In Brief

Boaters Beware

On a pertinent military front, boaters should be aware that some of the temporary rules put in place in the wake of September 11 may become permanent. While boating in areas near a naval base, know this: If you pass within 100 yards of a Navy ship or stop within 500 yards of one, you could be fined $250,000 or even face six years in prison.

Rain Showers

Tourists on a River Walk cruise through downtown San Antonio, Texas, fell victim to some inclement weather. As their boat passed under a downtown bridge, pranksters showered the sightseers with a two-gallon bucket of urine. The affected passengers were taken to a nearby island and scrubbed head-to-toe. Surprisingly, the culprits are suspected to be derelict teens.

Florida Manatee Zones Increased

Pretty soon, you'll have to boat all of Florida's coastal waters at idle speed. A U.S. district court judge ordered the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to establish 14 more manatee protection zones in Florida's waterways. While save-the-manatee activists applaud the ruling, boaters are contesting it, saying it will adversely affect the state's recreational marine industry.

Finders Keepers

Austrian police, responding to a boater's report of a corpse floating in Lake Constance, made an unlikely discovery. But instead of a body, the officers retrieved an inflatable sex doll. We don't know what the authorities did with the love toy-we're not sure we want to know-but we think that the boatman deserves to keep "her" as a reward for his civic duty.

-Pete McDonald and Kari Snyder

Rocket Fish

Two Pennsylvania anglers have one explosive fish story. While fishing the shallow waters of Schuylkill River, Michael Nagy and Jeremy Lloyd found a 2' RPG, a surface-to-air missile normally fired from a bazooka. The rocket still had its firing pin in place, confirming it was live ammo. Like all good fishermen, the two posed for photos with their catch before turning it over to authorities.