In Brief

For Cod's Sake

It may be time to cut back on fast-food fish sandwiches. Overfishing is causing cod stocks in the North Sea to diminish drastically. In fact, supplies are so low that the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea advised closing the sea to most fishing indefinitely, putting a strain on commercial fishermen. Other cod supplies, except those in Iceland and the Barents Sea, are also low.

Sub Hubbub

The underwater world will soon welcome a new explorer. Called Jason II, it's a step up from Jason, a remotely operated vehicle that's best recognized from its role in the movie Titanic (it was used to locate the remains of the ship). Jason II is outfitted with the Internet and can rest on the ocean floor for several days, sending images and data 24/7 to the surface from 21,320 feet below.


Thanks to a team of scientists in Israel, a new mathematical equation could help forecasters predict rainfall a few days in advance. According to the mathematicians, weathermen can plug a few measurable variables into the algorithm and predict a storm's location within a few miles and estimate its onset within 15 to 20 minutes.

Gargantuan Goldfish

What's as big as a house cat, is orange, and swims? Bruce, a goldfish bred in southern China who measures a whopping 15.7", which has earned him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. The supersize swimmer was recently transported to a Hong Kong aquarium, where he is now a star attraction. Sea World's Shamu is feeling threatened-and hungry.

Fresh on Flesh

What's the latest trend in sushi? Using a naked woman as a table and (carefully) picking your pieces from her torso. Already popular in Japan, nyataimori, or "adorned body of a woman," will be featured in a restaurant in England, where diners can dig into sushi, noodles, and other delights strategically placed on a laid-out lady. One rule: Do not touch the naked flesh. Apparently, this is bad manners.