In Brief

Man Kills Shark!! In an odd role reversal, British comedian Guy Venables may face criminal charges over the death of a shark after he jumped into its Sea Life Centre tank-naked! The 12-year-old smooth hound shark, a breed that's susceptible to stress, died two days after the reported publicity stunt. Spokespeople for the Brighton, England, aquarium claim the death is related to Venables' little swim.

Avast, Me Hearties! If you've ever referred to your wife as a scurvy bilge rat, then celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day this September 19. Why? Because it's fun. And landlubbers won't get it. If you want a refresher course in giving your conversation a swagger, visit for links to glossaries plus advice, trivia, and booty. In case you're wondering, being called a scurvy bilge rat isn't complimentary.

Reality Bites Boob tube junkies who were waiting for the international reality show Cabin Fever are in need of new water-cooler talk. The multimillion-dollar 90' ship on which the show was filming sank with the cast and crew onboard when it hit rocks and went down off the northwest coast of Donegal, Ireland. Fortunately, no one was injured-except the Hollywood dreams of the 10 shipmates.

Nemo a Go-Go We admit it: Rescuing fish isn't our bag, and neither is a children's board game. But for the sake of our kids, we'll make an exception and hoist anchor for Milton Bradley's new Finding Nemo game ($10; 888/836-7025, Two to four players, ages five and older, must create a passageway through the sewer to get clown fish Nemo to the open ocean. Who knew it could be fun?

Botox Babes The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reports that men today visit plastic surgeons 30 percent less than in 1997. Perhaps they're spending their hard-earned dough on keeping their boats looking good. Read last month's NewsBriefs here