In Brief

Northern Exposure. Four British men, traveling from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Scotland, conquered subzero temperatures, huge swells, and icebergs from the deck of an open 30-foot RIB, covering about 3,500 miles in 16 days. The transatlantic expedition leader, Edward "Bear" Grylls, admitted to BBC News that they almost issued a Mayday twice. Reportedly, the group is the first to cross the North Atlantic in an inflatable boat without assistance.

Huge Hook. Holy mackerel-err-halibut! A 533-pound Pacific halibut was caught in the Bering Sea near St. Paul Island, Alaska, and is believed to be the heftiest of the species ever snared. The men who bested the 8'2" behemoth gave most of it to a processor but kept its gigantic tail, which measures 24' 1/2" wide, as a reminder of their triumph.

Dumb Luck. A Wisconsin man recently tried his hand at thieving. His first steal? A GPS unit. Unaware of what he'd snatched, he fled to his apartment with the tracking device turned on. Police traced his whereabouts via the Internet, which led authorities straight to the crook. The moral of the story? Don't steal…GPS units.

Babe Magnet. Want a Bond girl? Then drive a Bond car, or at least an imitation. Like 007's waterborne speedster, the Aquada tops 100 mph on land but also jets through water, where it retracts its wheels and switches to jet engines, reaching 30 mph at sea. To prevent leaks, there are no doors, so passengers must jump the gunwale. Salivating? Check out one at But beware of sticker shock-it costs $235,000.

Dream Boat. Concept Boat 2004, an international challenge to design the boat of the future, is asking you to create a small craft that's energy efficient, has a low-emission or nonpolluting design, uses recyclable materials, or reduces the effect of boating on the marine environment-criteria met by the Boating-approved four-stroke outboards. Our gripe: The contest foolishly allows sailbote designs. Visit to submit your design. ****