In Brief

SLEEPS WITH FISH Ah, the famous mob-movie characters-Vito Corleone, Pauley Walnuts, and…an animated shark? Sharkslayer, a new animated feature film from Dreamworks, recently went into production and will feature Shrek-like animation. They say it will be just like the Sopranos, but with fish and unsavory seafood characters. Rumor has it Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, and Renée Zellweger will perform the voices.

SWORD PLAY Beer and fishing normally go hand in hand. But (who knew?) it can lead to confrontation. Such was the case with two inebriated Florida anglers whose dockside argument spurred an assault by swordfish. Allegedly, Garth Spacek hit Frank Ashmus in the head with a beer bottle and then Ashmus followed Spacek home and stabbed him with a swordfish bill. Spacek is fine, but thanks, guys, for giving drunken fishermen a bad name.

BLACK MARKET FIN Some American-owned resorts in the Caribbean may be in trouble for buying dolphins from Cuba-one of the few countries that still captures them. The creatures, which fetch $40,000 to $70,000, are used in dolphin parks where tourists pay upwards of $150 to swim with them. The Treasury Department says that any U.S. company that bought one violated the Cuban trade embargo and could face fines up to $1 million.

BAIT ON THE BRAIN In an experiment to spur on artificial limb development, scientists at Northwestern University attached a lamprey's brain to a sensor-laden robot. They shined a light on the robot, and the sensors sent impulses to the brain, causing it to move like a real lamprey. If they could only wire fish's brains to move to our hooks…

FIGHT TO RIDE A waterbike conflict is brewing in the mega-waves of Mavericks, a California surfing hot spot. The old guard is angry with the new "tow-in" surfers who drop into the 30-foot waves behind waterbikes. Once hailed as a breakthrough in big-wave riding, waterbike towing is catching heat from the sans-bike dudes, who are literally getting run over. It looks like the next waterbike-banning debate is happening out in the swells. -Pete McDonald