Captain’s Test: Tow Boats

Take our test to learn more about tow boats and watersports.

May 19, 2017
Captain's Test: Tow Boats
Captain’s Test: Tow Boats Air Nautique

It’s the start of watersports season. Let’s make sure you’re armed with enough knowledge about the boats designed just for them.

1. There are two common types of transmissions for inboard-powered boats. One is called direct-drive. What is the other?
A. Z-drive
B. V-drive
C. M-drive
D. H-drive

2. What do most people consider the biggest advantage of a V-drive?
A. Cockpit and seating space
B. Better hole shot
C. Better ride
D. More space for a bigger engine


3. If a boat doesn’t have ballast, what do manufacturers use to create and shape wakes?
A. A foil that drops down at the stern of the boat
B. Trim tabs
C. Plates mounted vertically to the back of the boat
D. All of the above

4. At what speed do most wakeboarders like to ride?
A. 12 to 16 mph
B. 14 to 18 mph
C. 16 to 20 mph
D. 18 to 22 mph

5. At what speed do most surfers like to ride the wakes?
A. 8 mph
B. 10 mph
C. 12 mph
D. 14 mph


1. B. In this type of installation, the engine actually sits backward in the boat.

2. A. The engine is in the back of the boat compared to a direct-drive, which has the engine in the middle of the boat.

3. D. Ballast systems are the most popular.


4. C.

5. B. Although, pros ride at 12 mph.


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