Centurion Ri237 Wakesurf Review

Watch what we thought after wakesurfing behind the Centurion Ri237!

February 20, 2016

The new Centurion Ri237 is like no Centurion you’ve ever seen before. There are a host of different and exciting features and characteristics, but without a doubt, the one that pertains most to wakesurfing is the boat’s higher-than-ever gunwales.

Why does a deep boat matter for wakesurfing? With a shallow boat, you can’t get as much passenger capacity, ballast, or storage as modern wakesurfing at the elite level demands. Although most people aren’t listing their boats anymore, higher sides still mean less water gets in the cockpit when you’re plowing through waves.

If you look at the dry weight and max ballast numbers, this is one of the heaviest hitters on the water today — and a huge part of that is the innovative Ramfill ballast. Ramfill floods the liner of the boat through submerged hatches that send a staggering amount of water into the boat. The system works by using the boat’s forward motion to scoop in water, then releases it the same way.


You need to be on plane for about a minute to fill the subfloor ballast, which is amazing considering how much time that would take with pumps. The result is a gargantuan wave from the new flagship of a company known for wakesurfing. It’s big, clean, long, and has plenty of push. The wave also strikes a nice balance between a steep face and long transition that should please just about any surfer of any discipline.

The driver can switch the wave side through the touch screens and the QuickSurf Pro system instantly responds by producing a beefy wave. No moving ballast, no tweaking settings, just a smooth transition.

Top-Notch Trait: The new Centurion Ri237 dash is the only inboard on the water that boasts dual high-definition 1080p screens. If that weren’t enough, the screens communicate so that certain functionality will have one screen tethered to the other for an ultramodern audiovisual helm experience.


Stat: The new convertible bench seat featured in the Ri237 converts to not one or two but three separate positions throughout the lounge. You can go from the normal bench seat to a bench seat that’s about parallel to the back of the driver’s seat. It’s nice to have some options on configuration in a lounge this big, and Centurion is the only company executing a rear-facing seat in this particular way.

Length 23’7”
Beam 102”
Dry Weight 5,450 lb.
Fuel Capacity 63 gal.
Seating Capacity 16
Standard Ballast 2,550 lb.
Max Ballast 5,100 lb.
Standard Power 405 ft-lb.
Maximum Power 545 ft-lb.

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