Chaparral Boats, Inc. and Robalo Boats LLC Award 2014 Scholarships

Five graduating seniors awareded over $50,000.

Chaparral Boats, Inc. and Robalo Boats LLC awarded over $50,000 in college scholarships to five graduating seniors within the Chaparral and Robalo family.

“We are proud to assist our employees by helping their sons and daughters pursue an advanced education” said Jim Lane, President of Chaparral and Robalo. “We feel that continued education is important and we are excited to support their endeavors towards a career.”

Over the past 18 years Chaparral Boats, Inc. and Robalo Boats LLC have awarded more than $350,000 in scholarships.

“Our employees are some of the hardest working people in the marine industry and we are proud to help their families each year with our scholarship program” said Buck Pegg, Founder of Chaparral and Robalo.

The 2014 Scholarship Award Recipients are:

Caleb Aaron Epps, Son of Randall Epps, Berrien County High School

Megan L. Fender, Daughter of Danny Fender, Lanier County High School

Brittany Griner, Daughter of Mark and Carrie Fuches, Berrien County High School

MaKayla Jacobs, Daughter of Travis Sutton, Cook County High School

Justin Tyler Lipsey, Son of Gina Lipsey, Berrien County High School

Jim Lane - President, Buck Pegg - Founder, and company staff congratulated each recipient and their parents during a luncheon held in their honor on June 3, 2014.