Dometic Eskimo Cup Test

Bench Testing A Thermoelectric Cupholder

April 2, 2015

The Dometic Eskimo Cup is a cup holder designed to keep your drinks chilled on a warm day. I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of having an ice-crackling-cold drink turn lukewarm after just minutes in the cup holder on a hot day. So without further ado, here’s how I tested the Dometic Eskimo Cup.

I wired the Eskimo Cup to a 12-volt power supply. I placed it on a table near a sunny window and recorded an ambient temperature of 85-degrees F. I then placed a refrigerator cold soft drink into the Eskimo Cup. The drink remained ice cold for 25 minutes. It remained what I will call “ cool and drinkable” for 55 minutes. So the Eskimo Cup works as billed. Its intended to work best with cans, and indeed a pair of “can pushers” inside the cup holder position a can for best cooling. It will work with bottles, however.

There was something of a fan noise to be heard, but when installed aboard a boat, the fan will be underneath the mounting surface, and so is not likely be audible. With that thought in mind, I can’t see the fan as a detriment.


Eskimo Cup draws 3 amps at 12-volts and should be wired with an on-off switch (not included) into a branch circuit aboard your boat. It is supplied with a 5-amp fuse and fuse holder. Onboard electronics include a built-in low-voltage cut-off that trips at 10.5 volts DC to avoid a dead boat battery and attractive LED indicator lights around the trim ring.

Marine accessory Dometic Eskimo Cup tested
Dometic Eskimo Cup Bench Test

Physical installation requires an unobstructed area with some air space behind/ below the mounting surface in order to provide ventilation. Specifically, the unit is 6 inches tall and almost 7 inches deep and requires 6-inches of ventilation space to the sides, to the rear and below it. It only needs 1-inch of space in front for ventilation. A four-inch diameter hole is cut with a hole saw, the Eskimo Cup is slipped in from below, the fasteners are tightened and the trim ring is installed.

Maximum mounting substrate thickness is 1.25-inches.


Price: $199.00 US

Contact Dometic:, 800-544-4881


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