CHARLESTON, SC – Jon Boswell and Brad Martin, founders of EMC coatings announced that effective January 1, 2016 all of their color product pricing will be the same as basic white! We call it Sanity Pricing.

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Sanity Pricing means that a gallon of QUANTUM two-part Matterhorn White will cost the same as a gallon of QUANTUM two-part Flag Blue. No more referencing a long list of paint color pricing as is currently used by all other marine paint companies. Those familiar with marine coatings’ pricing will know what a great concept that is from a cost and value point of view. No more confusing pricing plans developed in large overseas corporate offices. Just good old US common sense, any gallon of Quantum paint in any color is the same price as a gallon of basic white. Jon Boswell said, “We are doing things to make it easy for our customer. Now bids will be easier to calculate because you don’t have to reference a large price chart. Why should our customers have to pay a premium just to change the paint color? The actual cost increase to go from white to navy is negligible. There is no business reason why any coatings company needs to charge more for any color!” Boswell continued, “Brad and I developed QUANTUM making every effort to eliminate old school thinking and focusing only on creating the best product possible and according to our customers we have done that. Streamlining our pricing is the next natural step”. “We are the future of marine coatings. Keeping it simple and continuing to exceed our customer’s expectations is what we do. There is absolutely no need for us to charge more for a coating and coatings support material just because that is the way it has been done. QUANTUM paint is exceptional and is now even easier with one price colors to meet the needs of today’s boat yards and refit yards.”

Stop by booth 1004 at the Ft. Lauderdale 2016 REFIT INTERNATIONAL EXPO on 1/28-1/29 to learn first hand why a great two part paint can be any color it wants to be for the same price, it is also a great time to put in your order for EMC products and learn why boat yards from Maine to Louisiana are switching to EMC as fast as they can. - END -

For more information contact EMC at robin@emcllc.net or call us at 855-54-GENIUS (855-544-3648)