Evinrude Expands E-Tec G2 Series

Expansion of Evinrude G2 series now includes outboards with 150 to 200 hp.

Evinrude Expands E-Tec G2 Series
Evinrude Expands E-Tec G2 SeriesEvinrude

The Evinrude (www.evinrude.com) E-Tec G2 Series of outboards now includes models ranging from 150 to 200 hp. This complements the larger models that range from 200 hp up to 300 hp.

The new series was designed from scratch, and each engine uses a 66-degree V-6 powerhead that has a bore and stroke of 3.386 by 3.1 inches. Each displaces 167 cubic inches (2.7 liters) and has a maximum range of 6,000 rpm. They are available in 20- and 25-inch shaft lengths, and the lightest model weighs in at 530 pounds.

Evinrude Expands E-Tec G2 Series
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All Evinrude engines are two-strokes and have an onboard two-stroke oil tank that has a capacity of 3 gallons. They run on 87-octane fuel. Evinrude sells the motors with a five-year warranty on the engine and against corrosion. After the engine is purchased, the first required service interval is 500 hours. The E-Tec G2 series comes with hydraulic steering integrated into the motor’s midsection and digital throttle and shift for smooth operation. Evinrude also includes its i-Trim automatic trimming system that can easily be shut off if an owner wants to control the trim himself. With 81 degrees of positive trim, the motors tilt completely out of the water, which is a positive feature for boaters in salt water. For owners who like to customize their boats, the E-Tec G2 series is available in side-panel and accent colors that number well into the hundreds.