Fiart 52: A New Italian Performance Yacht

The Fiart 52 is a performance cruiser that features sporty handling and a comfortable ride.

Fiart 52
Fiart 52Fiart

Fiart, an Italian design firm with nearly 60 years of experience, has designed its first performance cruiser, the Fiart 52. Among the highlights of the boat are it is longer at the waterline than boats of similar size and it was designed exclusively for the Volvo Penta IPS propulsion system. The twin 800 hp engines and drives with forward-facing, counter-rotating propellers push the 39,683-pound boat to a top speed of 42.5 mph, and the captain controls the boat with the Volvo Penta joystick system.

Overall length of the Fiart 52 is 54.7 feet, and waterline length at full load is 46.1 feet. Maximum beam is 14.5 feet, and waterline beam is 11.96 feet. An entry that Fiart measured at 27 degrees helps the boat slice through waves. Amidships, deadrise is 20.7 degrees, and the running surface flattens out to 15.5 degrees at the stern. Fiart says the waterline dimensions provide hydrodynamic support for the bottom so the boat planes easily and burns fuel efficiently. The Fiart 52 is rated for Europe's Category B, has a passenger capacity of 16 and sleeps six. For more information, go to