Furuno’s New NavNet Software

Furuno's 4.01 software upgrade bring faster performance and new functions.

Furuno’s New NavNet Software
Furuno’s New NavNet SoftwareFuruno

The 4.01 software upgrade from Furuno offers 20 enhancements to the NavNet TZtouch2 multifunction display, including faster performance and new functions. The update improves on Furuno’s edge-swipe touchscreen system for accessing menus and operations. No longer do you need an exact vertical or horizontal swipe to activate the edge swipe, making it easier to use in rough seas.

In addition, you can now access CZone digital switching as well as fuel-management data via the MFD. The upgrade also adds radar echo trails and echo averging to the solid-state Furuno Doppler NXT radar functionality. The software facilitates use of the NavNet Remote app for tablet and smartphone, be it an Android or iOS platform.

In a bit of a throwback that old-school boaters will appreciate, the software lets you display position data in loran-C TDs, so you can revisit fishing spots that might have been lost when GPS eventually replaced loran-C. (Or if a friend has it as well, you can use to converse about the spot over the radio and keep it secret from most others.)

You can access the 4.01 software upgrade at furunousa.com.