Galeon Yachts Hit North America

Retailer Marinemax Importing Boats

Last week, Boating attended the North American debut of Galeon Yachts at Marine Max in Pompano Beach, Florida. It was our first look at these Polish-built boats, and we had the opportunity to run a few of them through the inlet into the ocean. We also spent a good deal of time going through the boats at the dock.

Editor-In-Chief, Kevin Falvey, at thehelm of Galeon's 560 Skydeck
Editor-In-Chief, Kevin Falvey, powers Galeon's 560 Skydeck through Florida's Hillsborough InletCourtesy Marine Max

Of course, a debut party is no place to conduct in-depth boat testing. Instead, we sent teams back aboard some Galeon models to bring you the type of boat test you've come to rely on. Look for the first of these tests, featuring the 385 HTS, in April.


galeon yachts at dock

galeon yachts at the dock

Galeon Yachts at the Marine Max docks in Pompano Beach, Florida.Photo by Kevin Falvey
Galeon 380 Fly at dock
Galeon 380 Fly just prior to sea trials.Photo by Kevin Falvey
Galeon 380 Fly
Galeon 380 Fly underwayCourtesy Marine Max
Galeon 385 HTS underway
Galeon 385 HTS underway. This boat is scheduled for testing by boating.Courtesy Marine Max
Galeon 560 Skydeck
Galeon 560 Skydeck proved its worth when BOATING ran it offshore.Courtesy Marine Max
Here's the Galeon 430 Skydeck
Galeon 430 Skydeck
Galeon 445 HTSCourtesy Marine Max