2015 Water Sports Gear Guide: Package Wakeboards

The right package setup can accommodate multiple riders.
Byerly Monarch
With Standard Things We Like: Short molded-in fins, subtle channels and crisp rails help the board track well, release quickly and feel smooth underfoot. + The board is built tough with reinforced foot beds and a stiff, boat-oriented construction. + The boot’s open toe and adjustable floating tongue fit a wide range of foot sizes. + The dual-lacing system allows you to tighten each zone independently for a more customized fit. Size: 52, 54, 56 in. MSRP: $430
CWB Absolute
With Edge Things We Like: The molded-in fins are long to keep the board tracking well on edge, yet shallow enough to release quickly when flat. + Lots of rocker combined with small stepped-base channels give this board an abrupt pop at the wake without the drag. + The hinge tech allows the boot to open extremely wide for easy entry and exit. + More foot shapes and sizes fit into this boot because of the open toe and flex panel in the toe rubber. Size: 135, 141 cm MSRP: $350
CWB Lotus
With Sage Things We Like: This board features a mellow rocker line for predictable pop off the wake. + Long-based molded fins give the board added traction yet still release quickly for a playful feel underfoot. + The hinge tech makes getting in and out of these boots unbelievably easy. + Lower laces, a nice replaceable upper and a velcro strap give a secure, customizable fit. Size: 130, 134 cm MSRP: $370
CWB Reverb
With Venza Things We Like: Long molded fins give the board a smooth feel that tracks well and releases easily at the wake. + Moderate rocker line for a heavy dose of consistent, predictable pop that any riding level can take advantage of. + These boots feature a simple design that articulates well for a comfortable fit when riding. + The single-lace system and Lycra-lined heel and toe make entry and exit simple and easy. Size: 131, 136, 141, 146 cm MSRP: $380
Hyperlite Baseline
With Team 0t Things We Like: Everything about this board was built with learning in mind, including the variable edge, wider profile and continuous rocker. + Extra fin holes allow the rider to adjust each fin, which affects how tight or loose the board tracks and how quickly it releases at the wake. + The Team boot has a moderate flex to balance support and mobility. + The boots are open-toed to accommodate a variety of foot sizes. Size: 131, 136, 141 cm MSRP: $520
Liquid Force Trip
With Index Things We Like: The molded-in cupped fins grip the water nicely on edge and release easily when flat. + User-friendly rounded edges between your feet help prevent violent unexpected edge catches. + The boot is designed with a soft flex pattern for comfort and ease of entry, and open-toed to fit a wide range of foot sizes. + Color-coded dual-lace zones make customizing the fit intuitively easier. Size: 130, 134, 138, 142, 146 cm MSRP: $350
O’Brien Hooky
With Nomad Things We Like: This is not just an older shape sized down for kids; it’s designed with new technology specifically for younger, smaller riders. + Very thin, lightweight construction keeps this board agile and easy to maneuver. + The boots have a soft flex pattern to keep comfort and mobility high. + Closed-toe boots offer high performance response with added leverage from heel to toe. Size: 110, 118 cm MSRP: $480
Ronix District Combo Things We Like: The smooth rocker along with the variable edge rail make edging very user friendly and predictable. + Flute channels in the tip and tail decrease drag, and help the board release quickly and cleanly. + A dual-lacing system combined with low-friction eyelets make it easier to get a custom fit. + The boot’s 3-D molded tongue keeps the fit comfortable, and eliminates pressure points created from bunching and folding. Size: 134, 138, 143 cm MSRP: $520
Slingshot Nomad
With Option Things We Like: The Nomad’s superlightweight, thin, all-wood-core construction keeps the swing weight and overall bulk down for an agile feel, despite the increase in size. + Increased surface area combined with the soft flex pattern make the landings on this board astoundingly soft. + The Option boot’s open toe allows a wider variety of foot sizes. + A lower-lace system and upper Velcro strap make this boot comfortable and very easy to get on and off. Size: 150, 155, 160 cm MSRP: $569