2015 Water Sports Gear Guide: Pro Completes

Take a look at some of the best complete setups on the market.

November 19, 2014
CWB Dowdy With MD
Things We Like: A heavy dose of rocker combined with a center spine give the board aggressive pop and soft landings. + The carbon X pattern underfoot keeps the board stiff and holds the rocker through the wake. + A tall cuff with a stiffer, more supportive construction makes these boots very responsive. + Achilles pads, a deep heel pocket and the impact ankle strap eliminate heel lift for a more secure fit. Size: 136, 142 cm MSRP: $700
CWB The Standard With JT
Things We Like: Lots of continuous rocker combined with the wide square tip and tail give the board a smooth, consistent pop with a lot of push at the wake. + The variable edge and thin profile make this board forgiving and lively underfoot. + These boots are soft and flexible for ease of mobility when poking out your grabs. + Achilles pads are included for extra ankle support and heel hold-down. Size: 139, 143 cm MSRP: $600
CWB Wild Child With Ember
Things We Like: Long-based molded fins provide a smooth feel that tracks well and releases easily. + Easy to ride, moderate rocker line for a heavy dose of consistent, predictable pop at the wake. + These boots feature a flexible construction that is specifically designed for a woman’s foot. + The dual-lace zones, impact strap, and deep heel pocket with Achilles pads give your foot a secure hold without any heel lift. Size: 131, 136 cm MSRP: $450
CWB Woodro With Prizm
Things We Like: The thin profile and all-wood core help this board flex naturally for a lively feel underfoot. + Incredibly durable base and sidewall materials allow this board to take a beating in the park. + Removable, soled inner liner keeps your foot protected while walking back to the starting dock over rough terrain. + The mounting system for these boots is located underfoot, allowing a more natural range of flex on your board. Size: 140, 146 cm MSRP: $700
Liquid Force TAO Combo
Things We Like: This park board is light, durable, flexible, and strategically thinned out for a lively feel underfoot. + Permanently finless, the TAO’s subtle edge channels help the board track while remaining catch-free on rails. + The TAO boots are very flexible, which is ideal for pressing on rails and poking out your tricks. + The lace locks on the dual-lacing system are long lasting and easy to use. Size: 133, 137, 141, 145 cm MSRP: $830
O’Brien Breddas With GTX
Things We Like: Features an all-wood core and lots of rocker for a lively response and feel underfoot. + Incredibly durable sidewall and base material keep this board protected from park abuse. + A moderately stiff flex pattern keeps these boots supportive and responsive without being too restrictive. + A complete Velcro enclosure makes these boots very easy to get on and off — especially at the park. Size: 133, 138, 143 cm MSRP: $840
O’Brien CTP With Nomad
Things We Like: Strategic carbon-fiber elements keep it stiff and snappy at the wake. + The stepped delta channels give the board a faster feel on the water. + Single-panel uppers keep these boots soft and flexible. + The CTP Edition Nomad color-way matches the CTP board perfectly. Size: 129, 135, 141 cm MSRP: $720
O’Brien Spark Combo
Things We Like: Stiff, three-stage rocker for lots of pop. + The delta channels and the shallow fins track well and release quickly. + The boots are soft and flexible with a wide range of mobility. + The arch support and ankle strap keep your foot supported and firmly in place. Size: 133, 137 cm MSRP: $660
Ronix One Timebomb With One
Things We Like: This board is stiff, durable and thin for a strong yet lightweight feel underfoot. + A unique rocker shape makes this board very fast, while retaining great pop at the wake. + An asymmetrical boot construction strategically combines support and mobility. + Heat-moldable liners for a custom fit. Size: 134, 138, 142, 146 cm MSRP: $1,100
Slingshot Blue Pill With KTV
Things We Like: This board is tough: all-wood core, stiff flex pattern and durable sidewalls. + Pops hard, lands soft and rides fast due to a moderate rocker and center spine. + New agile Velcro straps for easier entry and a more secure fit. + The boots are baseless and heat-moldable to maximize comfort. Size: 138, 142 cm MSRP: $749

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