2015 Water Sports Gear Guide: Wakesurfers

Surfing style, body type and ease of use are all important to consider when selecting a wakesurfer.

November 19, 2014
Surf-Style Boards
These boards are designed for riding behind the boat. they are thicker, have much larger fins, and are usually constructed similar to the way a traditional surfboard is. Since these boards are usually thicker and a little bigger, they are great for heavier riders. And they are fast boards, so they stay in smaller waves, and are good for beginners. Skim-Style Boards
These boards are thinner, have smaller fins, and tend to be better for advanced surfers who want a looser ride with the ability to do shuv-it tricks. The construction is closer to a skim board’s, and they can be good for lighter-weight beginners because they won’t shoot right toward the back of the boat. Hybrid Boards
We’ve been seeing more and more of these hybrid- style boards as of late. They are basically larger forms of the skim-style-construction boards that allow for more of a surf-style vibe, since they are faster and have more volume for larger riders. Rocker
On a wakesurfer, rocker is the characteristic of the bottom profile shape of the board, and it determines the speed the board will ride. A flat rocker shape allows for less drag and a faster ridE. boards with more rocker tend to push more water and ride slower, but they dig down into the water a little more for better maneuverability. Rails
These are the edges of the board, and they determine how it tracks and turns in the wave. Rounder rails make for a slower board with less response. a board with sharper rails has a ton of response and a faster speed.
Byerly Buzz
Things We Like: Hybrid between skim- and surf-style wakesurfers gives you the best of both worlds. + Mellow tail channels and Future Fin System make this board super maneuverable. + Dura-Shell construction makes it really durable. Sizes: 46″, 52″ MSRP: $565
Connelly The Thing
Things We Like: It’s the most versatile piece of equipment on the boat: Surf, kneeboard, and hook up the handle to ride hands-free. + Tons of buoyancy and tracking help beginner wakesurfers. + Comes with removable fins for either wakesurfing or kneeboarding. Size: 59″ MSRP: $250
Things We Like: All-new carbon construction makes the AMG super lightweight. + Hybrid design allows you to have a skim and surf feel, which is best for expert riders. + Custom fins allow for the perfect amount of hold and tracking when ripping into the wave. Sizes: 4’8″, 4’11” MSRP: $600
CWB Bentley
Things We Like: Thin profile that has a very skatelike feel on the wave. + It’s a wide and stable board with a flatter rocker line to keep it fast. + EVA pad aids in traction, and molded EVA kicktail provides extra control with your back foot. Size: 4’8″ MSRP: $350
CWB Nomad
Things We Like: The perfect wakesurf board for cruising. + Great for a variety of riders with its increased size and fast rocker lines that can accommodate anyone on the boat. + Molded kicktail, soft EVA foam and dual-concave bottom allow this board to carve and turn comfortably. Size: 5’1″ MSRP: $450
Hyperlite HiFi
Things We Like: Minimal rocker and a flat base make this a fast and fun board. + Dura-Shell construction and ABS sidewalls make it very durable. + Carbon composite board great for shuv-it-oriented tricks. Sizes: 5’3″, 5’6″ MSRP: $735
Hyperlite Quad
Things We Like: Fully machined EVA pad is perfect for traction so you’re not always fussing with surf wax. + Dura-Shell construction makes it really durable. + Rolled edges provide for a more surfboard feel for bottom turns and snaps. Size: 5’9″ MSRP: $675
Liquid Force Fiver
Things We Like: Lightweight core and epoxy construction make this board super fun and maneuverable. + Set up as a quad (four fins) or thruster (three fins) to match your surfing style. + Double-to-quad concave is great for airs and popping off the lip. Size: 4’8″, 5’0″, 5’4″ MSRP: $580
Liquid Force Happy Pill
Things We Like: Small, stubby board is easy to snap and turn, and is super lively.
+ Comes with three sets of fins so you can fine-tune exactly how you want this board to perform. + The large-volume outline of this shape allows you to ride a smaller board, making it much more maneuverable. Size: 4’4″ MSRP: $580
O’Brien Ally
Things We Like: The perfect entry-level board that is fast and very stable. + Soft edges allow this thing to surf smooth and won’t ding the boat or hurt when you hit your shins. + The volume and buoyancy of this board will make it perfect to surf behind almost any boat. Size: 4’8″ MSRP: $240
O’Brien Celsius
Things We Like: Quad setup with a bunch of different fin configurations creates a customizable ride. + Nice smooth lines make this board really fun for deep carves up the face of the wave. + Fishtail design and convex spine give this board plenty of grip for turns and popping off the lip of the wave. Sizes: 4’5″, 4’10”, 5’3″ MSRP: $600
O’Brien Haze
Things We Like: Plenty of volume and buoyancy make this board great for beginners and/or larger riders. + Squash-tail design gives the board plenty of tail to dig in to pop airs. + The rolled edges allow this surfer to be forgiving and less grippy, but still fun for bottom turns and floaters. Sizes: 4’4″, 4’9″, 5’2″ MSRP: $600
Ronix Koal Powertail
Things We Like: Stability of a long board and power of a thruster make this board super fun to air out of the wave. + Great for all types of riders due the volume and stability. + Top deck has a new concave, which makes the side to side that enhances the overall controllability of the board. Sizes: 4’5″, 4’11” MSRP: $600
Slingshot Ankle Biter
Things We Like: The amount of volume this board shape has provides tons of stability and control. + The V spine that follows through the tail gives it the feeling of a short board. + This board has diverse characteristics that allow anyone to ride the Ankle Biter and have a great time! Sizes: 5’0″, 5’4″ MSRP: $500
Slingshot Skim Bender
Things We Like: There’s tons of agility on this skim-style board. + Loose tracking and a low fin volume make this a great board for shuv-it-oriented tricks. + It is bidirectional, so it can be ridden both ways, and the flat rocker line makes it super fast, so it’s perfect for staying in the wave. Sizes: 52″, 56″ MSRP $400

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