Beat the Chill With a dryrobe

A great cold-weather option for the year-round rider.
Wearing the DryRobe on the boat
The DryRobe will keep you cozy on cooler days. Courtesy Morgan Burchell

If you’re someone who lives in a cooler climate—or maybe you just like to get on the water year-round—it’s definitely in your best interest to add a dryrobe to your boat gear collection. There are a lot of accessories out there, but we can’t imagine there being a better cold-weather option for the year-round rider. dryrobe comes in various sizes and sleeve lengths for your perfect fit, but what doesn’t change is the quality and durability. The exterior is waterproof, making it wind resistant and giving you a toasty interior. The fleece on the interior is also extra thick, soft, and high quality. The dryrobe will not only keep you warm even after you’ve been in the water, it presents an easy way to bring everything you might need for a cold day on the boat without the need for a duffle or bulky backpack. It has two extra large exterior pockets that are both fleece lined and closed with zippers, along with a smaller zipper closed interior pocket for more important items (such as a watch or cell phone). All you have to grab is your riding gear, as it acts as the perfect solution to carry anything you need straight onto the boat. They run very true to size, so order the size you would normally need for clothing (they account for the extra needed room for changing), and the website even provides a friendly and accurate “find my size” chart. You really won’t find a warmer, more comfortable, or more quality option for getting out on the water on those crisp, chilly days.