Big Brother: Standard Horizon GPS Chart 1000C

"No, not spreaders. Use high-low rigs!" I yell to my crew. They look at me as if I had eyes in the back of my head. I was at the helm-how did I know what they were doing behind me? Thanks to the video-input capability of Standard Horizon's new GPS Chart 1000C chartplotter and the optional waterproof camera ($259) mounted on my 23 Regulator's T-top, I could watch the cockpit action with the touch of a button. You also can use the video to monitor the engine room, salon, or tubers being towed.

Another outstanding feature is the Shuttle Point Knob. At 1/2" long, this mini joystick is easier to use while underway than other pointing devices. I moved the cursor with precision while romping through three-foot swells.

The 10.4", sunlight-viewable, color TFT screen (640-by-480 pixels) offers excellent daytime viewing. And nighttime viewing-when many screens are either too bright or offer too little contrast-is enhanced by a special night mode that dims the entire background, not just the backlight, which can make the screen appear fuzzy.

The GPS Chart 1000C accepts the C-Map NT+ C-Card cartography in dual chart slots and can store 3,000 marks and 50 routes with 50 waypoints each. And the GPS Chart 1000C is DSC capable. So if you hook up the chartplotter to your DSC VHF radio, you can get a plotted position of your buddy's lat/lon numbers or send a distress call with your position.

Price $3,555 Contact Standard Horizon, 800/366-8431,