Boating Magazine Comparisons

We put similar products from a variety of categories head-to-head, and give you the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

June 6, 2010

**Water Hoses:** All hoses are not created equal.

**Coastal First-Aid Kits:** Three marine first-aid kits to help you prepare for accidents on the water.

**Masking Tape:** Three types of Scotch tape are put to the test.


**Technical Shirts:** Which technical shirt dries the fastest?

**Chamois:** Dry your boat faster with the right chamois.

**Handheld VHF Radios:** Three handheld VHF radios to help you boat safer.


**Weather Apps:** Three weather apps for boaters.

Boards: Three standout tow sport boards for 2012.

**Handheld VHF/GPS Combo Units:** These combination units offer standard VHF features as well as GPS capabilities.


**Spring-Weather Jackets:** Three spring-weather jackets to check out.

**Hand-Held Bilge Pumps:** Three ways to bail your boat by hand pump.

**Sunglasses:** We smash and bash some shades so you don’t have to.


**Waxes, Polymers and Blends:** These three waxes can restore your boat’s luster.

Towables: Three tubes that’ll knock your socks off this summer.

Watches: These are our favorite quality timepieces with functions a boater can love.

**Handheld GPS:** Boaters are wise to own a good handheld GPS when hitting the water.

Waterproof Point-and Shoot Cameras: Here are just a few of our favorites for under $330.

Water-Separating Fuel Filters: Find out which one is right for you.

Prop Hubs: The evolution of prop hubs.

Coolers: We conduct the ultimate cooler test.

**Tubes:** These six tubes rank at the top of our list for momentary childishness.

**Sunglasses:** Living and boating in Florida year-round gives us a head start when it comes to testing anything sun-related. We’ve had the latest sunglasses on our faces every day since January. Here’s how we see them.

**Handheld VHF’s:** We compare the latest handheld VHFs, with some surprises.

**Cold-Weather Gear:** We tested these garments not to see how they work but to feel how they work early in the boating season.

**Portable Drink Makers:** Which of these refreshment contraptions is right for your galley?

Deck Material: Which dock & deck material can withstand the test of time the best?

**Shoes:** Want to know the favorite boat shoes of Boating’s editors? Take a look at what we wore during our fall boat tests.

**Seasickness Remedies:****** These three methods are proven to work with varying effectiveness, if they’re done right.


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