In Brief

Cocoa & Nuts Next time you buy a candy bar, inspect the list of ingredients for cod sperm. Apparently, Norwegian scientists want chocolate companies to use the sperm in their recipes. Scientists claim the little swimmers don't have a taste or smell but can lengthen shelf life. At $200 for two pounds of sperm, chocolate producers should stick with butter and oil.

Purim Fiction? Two fish market employees claim a 20-pound carp chanted apocalyptic messages in Hebrew as they were preparing to filet it for Sabbath supper. The fish allegedly said it was the soul of a revered Jewish customer who had recently passed away. Is it a divine miracle? Unfortunately, we won't find out: The men chopped up the fish.

Home Delivery This month the U.S. Postal Service is issuing 37-cent postage stamps featuring five celebrated lighthouses located on the Southeast coast. The stamps will picture the Old Cape Henry, Cape Lookout, Morris Island, Tybee Island, and Hillsboro Inlet lighthouses. True lighthouse lovers can attend the dedication ceremony on June 13 at 10:30 a.m. at Tybee Island Lighthouse in Georgia.

Gust the Facts The 2003 hurricane season is going to blow. Researchers at Colorado State University suggest that the chance of a major hurricane this year is 30 percent higher than average. They say it's due to the end of El Niño, which slowed hurricane activity in 2002. The group has predicted and named 12 tropical storms for the Atlantic. Read last month's NewsBriefs here