Buoyant Spirit

Why buy a float marker? It seemed to me that an old bleach bottle would work perfectly. To test this theory, I pit my float bottle against Seaccon Marine's new float marker, The Bomb.

Ten drop and retrieves proved the larger-diameter bleach bottle had a shorter average reel-in time of 35 seconds versus The Bomb's 42 seconds. But that edge melted away when line spilled off the bottle, requiring six minutes to untangle. The Bomb is shaped like a large spool, so 120' of 130-pound test line can't fall off.

I had to stow the homemade marker carefully, so its lead weights wouldn't bounce and hit my boat's fiberglass. The Bomb, on the other hand, stows a two-pound weight inside its spool, so it can't do any damage. Sorry bottle-you're headed for the recycle bin. Price: $55. Contact Seaccon Marine at 727/556-0908.