Fresh Brew

Ever tried one of those 12-volt coffeemakers? Usually they make a few burping noises, puff out some steam, and then trip the circuit breaker. If you have a stove, you can heat coffee in a pot, or make instant-but it just doesn't have the same kick as fresh-brewed java. Coleman's solution: the Camping Coffee Maker ($40; 800/835-3278, It looks just like a regular drip coffeemaker, but the bottom fits over an alcohol stove or camping stove burner (up to 15,000 Btus). The decanter has a 10-cup capacity and can be removed from the coffeemaker before the brew cycle is finished without spilling, so you don't have to wait for that first hit of caffeine. Want to warm soup, hot chocolate, or other dehydrated drink mixes? Just place the instant mix in the decanter and brew the water as usual. The downside? According to the instructions, you're supposed to use this coffeemaker only on two- or three-burner stoves and never in an enclosed area, so you'll have to haul a portable stove ondeck or beach the boat and carry the whole affair onshore.