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Shorepower Cable Set $759; 800.288.6000,

Setting up shorepower when you dock at a new marina can be tricky. What if you connect things incorrectly? Zap! Hubbell Marine has an answer. Its 50-amp Shorepower Cable Set has an "Incorrect Wiring" LED indicator that shines green when power is present through the end of the cable. A red LED indicates problems at the power source. The cable comes in 125-volt and 125/250-volt models in 25' and 50' lengths and are prewired with #6 AWG.

** Hold n' Treat System $2,800; 856.825.4900,**

Sometimes you need to hold it, and sometimes you can let it go. Raritan's new Hold n' Treat onboard waste treatment system lets you do both. Combining a holding tank with overboard treatment allowance, Raritan's system is the first of kind for boats shorter than 65' that's been approved by the Coast Guard and is legal in all waters. Users simply connect the hoses from the commode, vent, and discharge. It can process 140 gallons of waste per week.

WeatherMax 80 $12 to $15/yd.; 864.240.5947,

You've customized the gel coat colors of your baby and made sure the interior matched and gleamed. But what will people first notice when they get to your boat lift? If you cover it with Safety Components' WeatherMax 80, they'll see a solution that's rugged and beautiful. The fabrics used for these covers are guaranteed to be fade-resistant for five years. They weigh 8 ounces per square yard and have twice the strength and tear resistance of acrylics. Available in 16 colors.