Help Build the Perfect Boat

Let us know what items you wish boatbuilders would include.

February 16, 2010

Got a pet peeve or something “they” haven’t done something about and you can’t understand why? Let us know at [email protected]. We’re making a list of things that drive us nuts, and we’ll keep bugging boatbuilders about them until we start seeing results. To get you started, how about …

Snapless Boat Covers
Please. The male ends of the snaps on the boat stub toes, and trying to get the cover on before the heavy rain falls, in the cold, is literally painful.

Limitlessly Variable-Pitch Props
They put them on ships and trawlers, so why not on our boats? A control at the helm would let you adjust the pitch for maximum acceleration and cruising efficiency, and even go in reverse without needing gears.


Special Windshield Wipers
When it rains during a boat run, we need something better to keep us from basically going blind.

Dry Bilges
We’re talking so dry they’re dusty, as Arid Bilge Systems promises from its latest unit. Might as well do the same for in-hull storage too.


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