Hold, Please

For years I've stowed my cell phone and handheld GPS in cupholders near the helm. Where else can you put these need-'em-fast gadgets? But they banged around loose, or flew onto the deck when the going got rough. To stave the damage, I tried Cockpit Mounts by Saeng/TA, which are intended for motorcycles and ATVs.

These black aluminum arms are held to the console by an adhesive base, or clamped to a grabrail or T-top. It supports a 2"-by-3" platform with a universal joint. Gear is held down by hook-and-loop fabric and an additional rubber security band ($6), which I recommend.

There are special cradles for Garmin GPS IIIs and cell phones. The mounts are slick, almost OEM-looking, not add-on chintzy. Price: $50 to $75. Contact Saeng/TA at 800/868-7464, www.saeng.com.