Light Brigade

Shorepower would be an expensive luxury aboard a boat such as Boating's Scout Abaco 242 project boat. But by installing Guest's Sportsman's Power Center, a 15-amp battery charger, I was able to up the overnight comfort level without outrageous costs and complications. How? I plugged in at the dock. The charger allowed me to run all my 12-volt devices-lights, freshwater sink, stereo, and so forth-without fear of draining my batteries. It measures 7.5"-by-11.5"-by-2.7", so it easily mounts in the battery compartment. You won't trip over the shore cord when it's plugged in, because it comes with a power inlet that can be mounted remotely. Wiring is easy-positive to positive, negative to negative. I liked the LED lights that indicate charging, charged, and problem. The 2614-OS model I tested can charge batteries or battery banks up to 240 amps. Larger models are also available. Price: $300 to $500.

Contact Marinco at 707/226-9600,