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Whale Gulper Grouper, XBoard, Speedheater, Storm Case, and more!

Side-Power Thruster Touch panel $175; boat panel, $260 • 508/995-7000 • The Side-Power, a bow thruster suited for boats 20′ and up, has two new easy-to-use controls. On the touch-actuated model two arrows indicate which way the bow will swing. The other version features a chrome boat-shaped joystick; push its bow and your boat’s bow swings in that direction. The Side-Power includes an internal timer that shuts off the bow thruster six minutes after the last use.

Chart Symbols & On-the-Water Guides $20 • 888/839-5551 • These visual guides explain common chart symbols as well as how to read a chart. Topics covered include planning with GPS and paper charts; understanding water depths and bottom contours; recognizing landmarks and obstacles; understanding tides; knowing aids to navigation and rules of the road. The guides fold up like charts and are waterproof.

Deep Blue Marine BlueNet Mobile display, $389; sensor, $469 865/671-1000 • This system monitors speed, depth, and water temperature wirelessly using sensors that transmit data to the handheld Mobile Display. The sensors are housed in one through-hull unit. The system won’t interfere with other onboard electronics. Add the Chain Counter ($329) to calculate the amount of anchor rode deployed, which is also displayed on the mobile display.


West Marine Spotlight $80 • 800/262-8464 • With 10,000,000 candlepower output, this water-resistant spotlight packs a lot of punch. It includes a 110-volt charging port, state-of-charge gauge, 12-volt charger, nylon shoulder strap, hands-free stand, and external battery, which can be used alone or with the internal battery. Switch to the 5,000,000 candlepower mode for less brightness or to extend battery life.

Kenwood Marine Audio Speaker, $149 • 800/536-9663 • Kenwood has introduced new marine-grade audio components. The 120-watt, 6.5″, two-way speaker offers all-weather construction, waterproof cones, and UV-resistant grilles. It’s compatible with Kenwood’s new CD receivers (from $249), which provide MP3 and WMA playback (select models), support an iPod or Sirius Satellite Radio, and feature marine-grade materials and a backlit LCD that’s readable in all lighting conditions.

Speedheater $465 • 585/924-8070 • Using infrared heat, the Speedheater (pictured) softens paint and varnish, which can then be easily removed with a pull scraper, no shaving or sanding needed. It heats in 20 to 60 seconds and doesn’t use chemicals, vibrate, or make noise. Weighing about 4 pounds and measuring 1′ 2 1/2″ -by- 7 1/8″ -by- 6 1/4″, it draws 15 amps, has automatic overheat shut off, and boasts 15 percent more infrared penetration power than previous models.


Thuraya Maritime Communications $2,080 and $2,020 • 610/287-5951 • A complement to the company’s satellite phone, Thuraya’s two marine units provide new ways to communicate onboard. The Docking Marine Unit includes a handheld terminal and a dedicated docking station, allowing Thuraya subscribers to use its services when not onboard. The Fixed Marine Unit, places a black box belowdecks and a handset at the console. Both units feature high-gain antennas. Voice calls start at $.75/minute.

Mantis Cover $150 tp $240 • 404/929-9980 • A portable protective cover, the wind-resistant Mantis (pictured) mounts to rails, rodholders, seats, and decks. Made with powder-coated aluminum spines and UV-, mildew-, and rot-resistant removable fabric, it’s lightweight at about six pounds and, when closed, measures just 3′ 3″ -by- 6″ -by- 5″. Choose from various sizes, colors, and fabrics, including Sunbrella.

Stream Jockey Plug + Play Receiver $140 • 866/466-9228 • Take satellite radio from your car to your boat with this plug-and-play receiver. It provides 120 channels, including 65 commercial-free music channels, and has presets for up to 18 channels. The unit features a backlit display, an illuminated keypad and buttons, a built-in wire FM transmitter, and a wireless remote control. Use it in a dry place, as it’s not waterproof.


Storm Case $24 to $256, w/o foam; $27 to $287, w/foam • 413/665-2163 • Made of hard resin, these cases are water-resistant, dent-resistant, and virtually unbreakable with interior foam that can be crafted to meet different needs. Each has an air pressure valve and a soft-grip handle; the iM3200 has wheels. Choose from three new models: the 11.8″ -by- 9.8″ -by- 4.7″ iM2050 weighs 2.7 pounds; the 3’11” -by- 1’5″ -by- 6.7″ iM3200 weighs 17.7 pounds; and the 11.8″ -by- 9.8″ -by- 7.7″ iM2075 weighs 3.3 pounds.

Flat Fenders $30 to $115 • 518/773-9400 • Tired of readjusting fenders as they shift in place at the dock? Then check out the flat fender, said to stay in place regardless of a boat’s rockin’ and rollin’. It’s made of closed-cell EVA that shouldn’t puncture or absorb water and doubles as a kneepad or cushion. Choose from various sizes and color combinations.


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