New Gear

Driven mad with jealousy, your dockmates gossip that you spent loads of money and time refurbishing your boat. They'd be more jealous if they knew the truth-it took only days. PlasDeck, an alternative to teak decking, is easy to install and maintain. Apply the polymer-based nonslip planks to fiberglass, metal, or wood. Each strip has tongue-and-groove edges that fit snugly together. The planks can be power washed, won't fade in the sun, and resist stains. Better yet, they don't need to be sanded, oiled, or varnished. The only tools needed to install PlasDeck are a utility knife and an adhesive trowel. Price: varies with application. Contact PlasTeak at 800/320-1841,


Aero Sports has four new towables with names that would stop a rebel army in its tracks. YellowJacket is a 4'2"-by-4'7" semicovered triangular tube that seats one; Firestorm is a one-seat, 5'-diameter, fully covered circular tube; Scorcher is a 7'6"-by-4'8" double-seated triangular tube; and Scorpion is a 6'2"-by-4'10" oval-shaped tube for two. Each puncture-resistant PVC tube features neoprene padding and EVA foam handles, comes with a 12-volt DC pump and towing connections, inflates in 30 seconds, and deflates in 15 seconds. Price: YellowJacket, $100; Firestorm and Scorcher, $140; Scorpion, $160. Contact Aero Sports at 888/462-4468,

Foul Spray

A new international ban restricts the use of TBT-based antifouling paint. Always in compliance with international law, the boating community is embracing non-TBT-based antifoulings-or should be. Interlux's Trilux Prop & Drive aerosol with Biolux is a TBT-free antifouling paint that's safe to use on aluminum outboards and outdrives. Biolux is a formula that restricts algae and slime growth on your prop and drive system without damaging the metal. It takes just two coats to fully apply the matte finish. The spray can be used in all water applications. Price: $25/16 oz. Contact Interlux at 908/686-1300,


Band Fish aren't biting? Distract yourself with the Lyra Audio Video Jukebox. Though this 20GB jukebox measures only 5.2"-by-3.14"-by-0.98", it performs like big-time audio-video systems. It stores and plays MP3s, MP3PRO and Windows Media Audio files, and up to 80 hours of prerecorded television shows, movies, or home videos, which you can view on the 3.5" LCD screen. It's not just for entertainment, either: Store word processing documents and presentations and up to 100,000 JPEG images. The Lyra comes with an AC/DC adapter, stereo headphones, carrying pouch, and recharge cradle. Price: $399. Contact RCA at 800/336-1900,

Wide Load

Straining to see details on your chartplotter? Check out Si-Tex's ColorMax Wide-its extended screen offers a panoramic view. This color (480-by-234-pixel) charting system features a built-in, 12-channel GPS/WAAS receiver and accepts C-Map NT+ cards. There's an anti-grounding alarm that warns you if the preset course runs through shoals or other obstacles. The unit displays current depth and depth history and stores up to 500 waypoints, 25 routes, and 5,000 trackpoints. Price: $1,999. Contact Si-Tex at 727/576-5734,

Hoist That Body

Watersports enthusiasts, take note-the 30"-by-70" Bikini Lift, designed for boats from 26' to 38', helps swimmers, skiers, wakeboarders, and divers get in and out of the water. The Bikini Lift can support up to 500 pounds. If you need to hoist a heavier load, check out the Sport Lift, designed for boats from 36' to 60' and able to support 1,000 pounds-ideal for stowing and launching a PWC or tender. Both models are serviceable while in the water and come in six configurations to accommodate your boat's transom. Price: Bikini Lift, $7,899; Sport Lift, $16,995. Contact TNT Lifts at 800/826-8377,