Waterproof Video Cameras

Waterproof camcorders from Kodak and Sanyo help you capture all of the action out on the water.

November 17, 2010

Wet hands and splashes are givens for fishermen. That makes handling a camcorder risky in the boat. The good news is that these waterproof models let you focus on making movies, not dodging waves. They’re the perfect gift for yourself, or angling friends and family.

Kodak Playsport Outdoors Bundle
Price: $249,

Fish Factor: Waterproof down to 10 feet


Boat Factor: You get high-definition video with 1080p resolution. The LCD glare shield reduces blinding sun on the display screen, and shaky shots come smooth with electronic image stabilization. Share your catch on YouTube or Facebook with the built-in software and computer cable.

Extra: Bundle includes flexible tripod and remote control for solo angling.

Sanyo VPC-CA102
Price: $349,


Fish Factor: Submersible to 10 feet

Boat Factor: This dual camera offers 1080p resolution for high-definition video and up to 14-megapixel digital photos. Creative freedom comes from a 12X video zoom and 5X zoom for photos. Thumb-toggle between video and photo with twin shutter buttons. Upright design makes gripping easy and secure. The flip-style LCD screen rotates and handles like larger camcorders do. Computer cables included for plug and play.

Extra: Flip-screen allows for instant operation.


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