GO CUBEs Chewable Coffee

A no-spill solution for your onboard caffeine fix.

chewable coffee

GO CUBES Chewable Coffee

A no-spill coffee solution for your boat.Courtesy CO CUBES

For offshore anglers and long distance cruisers, pre-dawn launch times are part of the routine. Thusly, so is a giant cup (or thermos) of coffee for the person manning the helm. As a result, most hardcore early risers I know are constantly battling coffee stains on their otherwise pristine gel coats. (Ever spill a cup of coffee onto diamond-pattern nonskid? Yikes.) So when I received a 20-pack of GO CUBE Chewable Coffee cubes in the mail, I was intrigued. I gave them a try in the name of reducing deck stains worldwide.

The verdict? They actually taste good. The cubes come in packs of four--two cubes equal one cup of coffee. I actually ate all four at once, as they have a sugary coating that makes them taste like coffee ice cream. I expected to feel that harsh jittery sensation that comes with mega-doses of coffee, but that never happened. Still, I'd say the cubes packed enough caffeine to help me feel more alert after eating them.

Nootrobox, the company that makes the cubes, says each cube has 50 mg of caffeine, and is supplemented with Vitamins B6 and B12, plus 100 mg of L-theanine--the active ingredient in green tea. (Nootrobox says this is responsible for eliminating the caffeine jitters.) They are wrapped in packs of four cubes; the pack fits nicely in your front pocket or on the dash at your helm.

$39 for 20 4-packs, nootrobox.com