Great Fishing Gear From ICAST

Fishing gear trends from ICAST.

August 14, 2015
Smaller, Lighter Big-Game Reels
The advent of microthin yet superstrong braided lines means you no longer need an 80-wide reel for the line capacity to land a big tuna or marlin. Reel brands such as Okuma, Penn and Shimano now offer small, light two-speed reels with high-strength gears, beaucoup line capacity and drags that offer incredible stopping power.
Angler-Dedicated Apparel
A growing number of companies, such as Aftco, Huk, Pelagic and Salt Life, offer clothing lines dedicated to the recreational angler. Not only are the clothes functional in terms of pocket storage, ventilation and ultraviolet protection, but they also offer attractive styles — shirts, shorts and pants that look great on the boat but also let you announce your avocation at the next cocktail party.
Age of the Super Cooler
Yeti got it started with coolers it debuted at ICAST that exceeded all previous expectations for keeping ice frozen and food and drinks cold. Yeti’s success has ignited a proliferation of superinsulated coolers with each show from companies such as Engel, Coleman, Frigid Rigid, Orca and Pelican.

The annual ICAST ( fishing tackle trade show always showcases a wealth of new products for anglers, ranging from scented lures and new electronics to the latest rods and reels. That’s why we attend. However, an overview of the past few ICAST shows reveals some definite trends in products designed for recreational fishermen. Three macro trends that we see are presented here.


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