Happy Meals For Grown Men

At last, breakfast comes with more than coffee.

Happy Meals For Grown Men

Willie Robertson will approve. Now you can order breakfast at Hardees and your drink will come in a Bass Pro camo cup. Tucked between the napkin and your receipt will be a chance to win some cool outdoor gear like binoculars, tackle camping gear or even a 4-day getaway to Disney-esque luxury wilderness Big Cedar Lodge near Branson, Missouri.

Sure, this new promotion between Bass Pro Shops and Hardees is apt to sell some breakfast biscuits but I’m ordering up so I can carry around that cool Bass Pro cup. This looks way better than advancing to go and never collecting $200. Yep, my kids learned to love Lego’s through another kids’ meal deal but this one rings MY bell.

Visit www.HardeesBPS.com for official rules, terms & conditions.