High-Impact Boats

You know what being on the water does for your mind. We call it “escape.” For some, though, it can literally change lives.

It’s called the Extreme Sports Camp near Aspen, Colorado. Last summer, dozens of kids with autism learned how to water ski, wakeboard and tube there, and the experience had an impact that nobody — even the parents — could see coming.

“It transformed the kids,” says Scott Dorman, executive director of the camp. “They discovered something that many boaters take for granted over time: the thrill of boating. By showing them the fun that can be had on the water, it empowers the kids to get out of their rooms and try new things. It’s truly life changing.”

But two months before Extreme Sports Camp is scheduled to open they do not have boats. The camp is in need of a 22-24 foot model capable of towing water sports and seating a gaggle of kids. If you have one sitting in storage, you could help turn around some lives by donating it, selling it at a discount or renting it for the summer. You could also enjoy a windfall, as there could very well be some tax advantages.

Anyone interested in helping supply a boat or being hired as a boating counselor at the camp should contact Dorman at 970-927-3143 or email scott@extremesportscamp.org. Go to www.extremesportscamp.org to find out more about the camp.