Holiday Gift Guide 2016

The latest and greatest gear and gifts for boaters’ wish lists.
2016 Holiday Gift Guide
2016 Holiday Gift Guide Boating Magazine

Every boater worth his or her salt has a short (or maybe long) list of things he or she wants for the boat. Admit it, you do too. Maybe it’s the latest and greatest tool for your DIY project, or maybe it’s a tow toy or something else to play with on the water. Maybe it’s something you didn’t even know you needed. Whatever the case, take this gift guide to your significant other or the extended family and, like we all used to do with the Sears catalog, share the things you want this holiday season. Happy holidays!

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Engel 30-Ounce Cerakote Tumbler

Engel 30-Ounce Cerakote Tumbler

Engel 30-Ounce Cerakote Tumbler Bill Doster

This tumbler is treated with Cerakote, a ceramic coating that adds durability and resistance to corrosion, chemicals and UV light to the stainless-steel cup. A rubberized base prevents slippage, but if your mug does take a tumble, the Ketch-It lid ensures a liquid-tight seal, even when holding the cup upside down. It comes in various colors. $49.99;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Orca Chasertini Glass

Orca Chasertini Glass Outdoor Recreation Company of America

Somebody started a landslide trend in thermal glasses because, well, apparently, when our boat’s at the dock or on the hook, we drink sooooo slowwwly. If you’re a stand-up guy, the most annoying martini is the one that got warm in your glass while you sipped it responsibly. We’d chill the Chasertini in the freezer, then add any libation and count on it to remain cold until tomorrow. $44.99;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Engel High-Performance 25 QT Cooler

Engel High-Performance 25 QT Cooler Bill Doster

Distinctive, this cooler is roto-molded for toughness and durability. It’s filled with 2 inches of insulation in the lid and on the sides and bottom to retain ice for up to 10 days. The all-silicon gaskets create an airtight seal that is durable and will never lose its shape. It’s sold exclusively at West Marine. $239.99;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

West Marine Blanket

West Marine Blanket Bill Doster

Whether used as a lap warmer or for snuggling in on a cold wintry night, these refined blanket sizes are conveniently suited for indoor and outdoor usage. They’re machine washable for easy care and repeated use. Available designs are Frost Gray, Tidepool, and Nautical Knots Blue. $29.99;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Body Glove Performer 11 ISUP

Body Glove Performer 11 ISUP Bill Doster

Everybody needs a stand-up paddleboard to tool around on, but not everyone can fit one on his boat. Enter this inflatable SUP designed by GoPro Games champion boarder Luke Hopkins. Stow it on board to inflate when ready. $899;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

ACR GlobalFix V4

ACR GlobalFix V4 Bill Doster

Beacons save lives and may be the best gift you can give. The ACR GlobalFix V4 is a floating EPIRB with GPS for ultimate precision and operates on the 406 and 121.5 MHz frequencies. Available as Category I (hydrostatic) and Category II (manual), it will operate for 48 hours. $500 and $400, respectively;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Icom M93D Handheld VHF

Icom M93D Handheld VHF Icom America

This newest handheld VHF radio from Icom packs the features boaters need, including exclusives such as Float and Flash, Aqua Quake, and active noise canceling, which have proven themselves in use during dozens of Boating photo shoots. It also includes built-in digital selective calling. $349.99;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Sebile Lures

Sebile Lures Bill Doster

Here are three lures just begging to be tossed in front of stripers, hybrids and white bass: the Magic Swimmer is weighted to sink quickly, and its jointed body twerks up a strike; the Flat Shad is ideal for jerking off the bottom for hybrids and white bass; and twitch the suspending Stick Shad for berserk action just below the surface. $14.99, $6.99, $9.99, respectively;

Penn Air Sun-Cleat

Penn Air Solar Sun-Cleat

Penn Air Sun-Cleat Penn Air Solar

This aluminum alloy cleat features a solar-powered light to illuminate your dock. Rated IP-68 waterproof, the Penn Air Sun-Cleat is available in 8- and 12-inch lengths, and stayed lit for nearly two days after charging in 8 hours of sunlight during our test.Available in amber, red, green and soft white. $72 (8-inch); $96 (12-inch).

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Crosley CR1806 Messenger Portable Turntable

Crosley CR1806 Messenger Portable Turntable Crossley Radio

Who says you can’t bring your precious vinyl collection on your boat? Just bring this portable turntable too, throw on an old record when you’re at anchor, and enjoy that crisp analogue coming out of the internal speakers. When not in use, it folds into a bag with a shoulder strap. $89.99;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Simrad GO9 XSE Sonar, Radar, Plotter Bundle

Simrad GO9 XSE Sonar, Radar, Plotter Bundle Bill Doster

Designed for smaller boats, the GO series provides powerful navigation functionality in an easy-to-use-and-install format. For a limited time, special packages are available. This bundle includes a TotalScan transducer, 3G radar and Navionics+ chart card. $2,499;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Innova Kayak Inflatable Solar 410 C

Innova Kayak Inflatable Solar 410 C Innova Kayak

Inflatable kayaks used to be glorified pool toys, but the latest offerings, such as this Innova, let you bring a boat on board in a bag. Yep, stow the ‘yak out of the way when you’re enjoying your big boat. When you’re at anchor and want to go exploring in skinny water, inflate the Innova and you’re good to go. $759;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Cuda Titanium-Bonded Snips

Cuda Titanium-Bonded Snips Bill Doster

Shears are great tools for cutting bait and fishing line. Cuda Tools’ titanium-bonded 8-inch snips are three times harder than untreated steel and will stay sharper for a longer period of time. There’s also an internal spring system, integrated wire cutters, microserrated edge for increased cutting performance, and nonslip grips. $19.54;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Lander Powell iPhone 7 Case

Lander Powell iPhone 7 Case Lander

You just blew some cash on the latest iPhone, so why risk damaging it on board? Made for mountain climbers, this case offers military-grade drop protection if the phone slips out of your hand on deck. Lander Powell also offers an iPhone 7 Plus case for $5 more. $34.95;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Grundens Elastic Belt

Grundens Elastic Belt Bill Doster

No one likes droopy drawers, an affliction that seems to grow exponentially worse with age. So give the old boater on your gift list a Grundens elastic belt. The quick-connect snap buckle is adjustable and the belt stretches, so it will fit a wide range of waist sizes. The bright-orange Grundens logo is the cool new fashion brand for boaters and anglers. $8.99;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Canyon Quest Backpack Cooler

Canyon Quest Backpack Cooler Bill Doster

This backpack cooler is soft but rugged. Made from raft-grade tarpaulin, it even resists bottle-cap scars. Special IceSkin insulation keeps ice for days. The roll-top, waterproof seal, tie down, and lashing points make it perfect for boaters. There are two sizes: 22.5 by 10 by 7 inches and 32 by 13 by 11 inches. $100 and $150, respectively;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

INavX App

INavX App INavX

This may be the most powerful, seamless navigation app we’ve tested. Download NOAA raster charts and navigate by contours, markers, and all the detail you’d expect on a chart plotter. Set a course and navigate to it. A navigation bar provides data, like speed over ground, course, ETA and more. Here’s the deal maker: INavX even allows you to download and overlay weather radar, satellite SSTs, and other grib data at will. $24.99;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

ScotteVest System 8.0

ScotteVest System 8.0 ScotteVest

There are 43 specially formed pockets for everything — your MacBook Air, iPhone, sunglasses, wallet, passport, keys, snacks, water bottle, notebook, pens — along with dedicated storage features, and RFID protection for your wallet. The fleece zips into the shell, and the sleeves zip off. $325;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Marmot PreCip Jackets

Marmot PreCip Jackets Bill Doster

Available in men’s and women’s styles, Marmot weaves its latest technology — NanoPro — into the PreCip jacket line. These seam-taped jackets are lightweight, waterproof and breathable. Perfect for the boat and the boater, they’re available in a range of sizes and a variety of colors. $100;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

MOB+ Wireless Engine Cutoff Switch

MOB+ Wireless Engine Cutoff Switch Bill Doster

Install this wireless device alongside your kill lanyard and slip on the sensor wristband, and the boat will stop if you fall in the water. Solo anglers can move about the boat, adjust lines or reel in fish and never worry about being left behind if they fall overboard. $199 (additional FOBs $39.99);

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

OluKai Pehuea

OluKai Pehuea Bill Doster

These OluKai Pehuea look and fit great, and have a grippy sole and a mesh top. These slip-ons feature a dual density foot bed for utmost foot support and comfort. $80;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

OluKai Nohea Moku, Fog/Charcoal (Men’s)

OluKai Nohea Moku, Fog/Charcoal (Men’s) Bill Doster

The Nohea Moku features an elastic lacing system for easy on and off, and bootee stretch construction. $95;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Sperry Fowl Weather Chukka, Navy (Men’s)

Sperry Fowl Weather Chukka, Navy (Men’s) Bill Doster

Sperry’s Wave Comfort foot system enhances comfort. Trademarked wave-siping delivers great traction. $89.99;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Sperry Duck Boot, Sea Creatures (Women’s)

Sperry Duck Boot, Sea Creatures (Women’s) Bill Doster

These duck boots have a microfleece lining, rawhide lacing with rustproof eyelets, and a nonmarking sole. $120;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Teva Pajaro Thong, Brown (Men’s)

Teva Pajaro Thong, Brown (Men’s) Bill Doster

This rugged thong cradles your feet with a molded top sole and extra-wide strap. Shoc Pad technology ensures traction and support. $55;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Reef Rover Catch, Mint (Women’s)

Reef Rover Catch, Mint (Women’s) Bill Doster

These sandals have a Nubuck strap and moisture-wicking jersey-mesh liner. Reef’s Swellular technology gives comfort. $45;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Garmin Virb Ultra 30

Garmin Virb Ultra 30 Garmin

Tell this camera to start or stop recording and remember the best take. Its highly sensitive mic records sound and takes orders in or out of the dive case. Three-axis image stabilization makes amateur video look professional, 1080p and 4K video are stunning, and you can live-stream with it via your smartphone or Wi-Fi connectivity. Myriad accessories were simultaneously released to accommodate any shooting style. $499;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Wiley X WX Boss

Wiley X WX Boss Wiley X

The matte-black frame and polarized Venice Gold Mirror lenses provide the durability, good looks, protection and crystal-clear vision boaters require for comfort — and safe navigation. Patented Facial Cavity climate control keeps out dust, wind and reflected light. $150;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Body Glove 3T Barefoot Water Shoes

Body Glove 3T Barefoot Water Shoes Bill Doster

These waterproof shoes are designed to fit your feet like a glove. They have a rugged grippy sole, an integrated drainage system, and a three-toe design that allows your big toe and index toe to move independently like they would if you were shoeless. $59.99;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Real Deal Brazil Belem Backpack

Real Deal Brazil Belem Backpack Real Deal Brazil

Tough, water-resistant and versatile in a rugged, casual style, the Belem backpack, made from recycled Brazilian cargo tarps proven over thousands of highway miles, says you’re not a fresh-off-the-shelf boater. External pockets can hold phones, tablets and charts. The divided interior is great for beach towels, a change of clothes and other gear. Tuck your laptop and office gear in it to travel. $79.99 (plus shipping);

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Real Deal Brazil Hat

Real Deal Brazil Hat Real Deal Brazil

Real Deal Brazil hats have been everywhere with us, from the UK to Arkansas bass waters and the Cape Canaveral coast to Havasu Lake, Arizona — everywhere. They’re the best things that ever happened to recycled truck tarps, and the best sun and rain protection we’ve ever had. Smart, casual and clearly not off the shelf, they beat straw cowboy hats to pieces. Order by your hat size or head circumference. Fit is guaranteed. $39.99 (plus shipping);

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Iron Smoke Whiskey

Iron Smoke Whiskey Bill Doster

We knew this whiskey would make its mark on lovers of brown liquors. Iron Smoke is distilled from local grain sour mash, some of which is apple-wood smoked to lend its unique flavor. It’s buttery smooth now, but we can’t wait to see what a couple more years in the barrel will do for it. Drop anchor and take a sip. $38;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Papa’s Pilar Rum

Papa’s Pilar Rum Bill Doster

We tested this gift ourselves and can say it’s worthy of evoking the name of Ernest Hemmingway’s boat. With ingredients sourced from Florida, Central America and the Caribbean, we knew it would be a treat. Now available in special nautical gift packaging. Papa would be proud. $30 (light), $40 (dark);

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

DeWalt Flexvolt Carbide Hole Saw

DeWalt Flexvolt Carbide Hole Saw Bill Doster

DIY boaters will love DeWalt’s carbide wood-cutting hole saws. Part of the new Flexvolt accessory line, the saws range from 13/8 to 61/4 inches in diameter. The thin kerf design minimizes chipping while the self-feed pilot bit provides fast drilling speed. The new line is engineered to deliver more holes per charge than standard DeWalt accessories. $17.59 for a 21/8-inch hole saw;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

GSI Outdoors Microlite 500 Vacuum Bottle

GSI Outdoors Microlite 500 Vacuum Bottle Bill Doster

In the winter, fill it with hot coffee. In the summer, fill it with your favorite ice-cold beverage. Either way, the stainless-steel Microlite 500 will keep what’s inside hot or cold for up to eight hours while you cruise, fish, board or whatever. $25.95;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Garmin GPSMap 78 SC

Garmin GPSMap 78 SC Bill Doster

Waterproof? Check. Floats? Check. Full-color chart plotting? Check! The Garmin GPSMap 78 SC is a full-featured GPS and plotter, and includes built-in Blue Charts, a high-sensitivity receiver, molded rubber side grips, and a microSD slot for loading more charts. Expect 20 hours of use from two AA batteries. $349.99;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Weego 44 Jump Starter

Weego 44 Jump Starter Bill Doster

Equip the boater on your gift list with the Weego 44 Jump Starter for gas engines up to 6.4 liters or diesels up to 3.2 liters. It features a waterproof, compact lithium-polymer battery pack and Smart Clamps that easily attach to a boat’s battery terminals. A USB port accommodates mobile devices, a 12-volt port powers accessories, a 19-volt port quickly charges laptops, and there’s a 500-lumen LED flashlight. $149.99;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Fusion StereoActive

Fusion StereoActive Zach Stovall

A hot holiday gift is the portable Fusion StereoActive. It secures onto any craft, including kayaks, and features built-in Bluetooth connectivity, an AM/FM radio and a rubberized keypad. The PuckIt system lets you mount the StereoActive onto any surface. An optional waterproof ActiveSafe box keeps valuables such as your mobile phone dry. Available in red, white or blue accent colors. $299.99, plus $99 for ActiveSafe;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Striker BAMFF Flashlight

Striker BAMFF Flashlight Bill Doster

Can’t find what you need on board? Shed some light on the situation with a Striker BAMFF flashlight. It comes in three models: the 4.0, 6.0 and 8.0. All sport dual Cree LED heads, aircraft-grade aluminum bodies, and waterproof construction ideal for boating. $39.99 for the 4.0;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Re-Fuel Digi-power Bottle

Re-Fuel Digi-power Bottle Mizoo Corportation

This little unit combines a portable water bottle with an IPX4 waterproof Bluetooth speaker so you can save storage space on board. It supports MP3, WMA and WAV file formats, and also works with a microSD card. Play your tunes while sipping your drink and keep cool in two ways. $29.99;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Super Zinger Gear Keeper With Carabiner

Super Zinger Gear Keeper With Carabiner Bill Doster

The Super Zinger Gear Keeper with Carabiner keeps your pliers, knife, scissors and keys more secure and ready for use. The carabiner clip is the same type used by mountaineers, so you can trust it. The retractable Spectra line extends 3 feet and holds 40 pounds. $12.99;

Sea Life Micro Pro Camera

SeaLife Micro Pro 5000

SeaLife Micro Pro 5000 SeaLife

Lighting is such an important part of getting the best underwater images, both for stills and video. Combining two of the sun-like Sea Dragon 2500 with the Micro 2.0, the colors are rich, full and very natural. You get a 10x Close-Up and the new Super Macro lens as well, letting you explore the colorful world of macro imaging. The Micro 2.0 Pro 5000 includes two Flex-Connect Flex arms, to position and guide light effectively– especially for your macro shots. $1,499,

UE Boom 2

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Bluetooth Speaker Ultimate Ears

Bluetooth speakers are great aboard boats and the UE Boom 2 is one of the best. IPX&-rated, its waterproof. We also found it to be durable and it really produces nice audio. The companion app lets you adjust volume and power from afar. It cranks at up to 90 db-A so you can hear it with the engines on. Its 100 foot range means you can leave it in the boat and control it with the app at the sandbar. $199,

Weaver Wheels

Weaver Wheels

Weaver Wheels Courtesy Weaver Industries

Weaver Wheels, they are made from stainless steel and roto-molded wheels that can hold up to 600 pounds for inflatable or hard-shell dinghies. The wheels are designed to go over rocks and sand. The wheel brackets will pivot away from the motor without the wheel being in your way. The upper and lower bracket has different mounting holes for transoms that have lips on them. The Weaver Wheel comes with all the hardware you need to mount the wheel on the dinghy. $299,