How To Stabilize Your Boat's Fuel

Three must-do steps for adding fuel stabilizer to your boat's fuel tank.

Fuel Stabilizer

It might seem easy, using a fuel stabilizer. But we’ve got some emails and letters indicating that the subtleties may be getting lost on some boaters. So besides choosing an ethanol-formulated stabilizer for gasoline engines and a diesel fuel formulation for diesel engines, what else should you do?

Read The Label: Add stabilizer in the dosage prescribed by the manufacturer. They vary.

Add Stabilizer First: Add the fuel on "top" the stabilizer. This helps to mix it in your tank.

Add Stabilizer Pre-Haul: Add the winterization dose of stabilizer to your boat's fuel tank before you haul the boat. Time the dose so that you still have a cruise or two left before final haulout. That lets the stabilized fuel work its way through your entire fuel system, from tank to filters and hoses to engine. In so doing, it provides the most complete protection during storage.

Takeaway: Boaters with gasoline engines burning E10 fuel should use stabilizers all the time, not just during periods of storage.