All Aboard Boats: Antifouling Comparison Part 4 – Observations

Checking in on the status of our antifouling coatings.

July 26, 2010

Our antifouling test panel went in the water June 2, 2010. I pulled it today(June 5) primarily to check on the portion coated with Easy-On Bottom Wax. Easy-On is said to be rated for two to three days of fouling protection in salt water and a week in fresh water. So far, so good: After three days in this brackish tidal creek, there was no growth evident. If growth does appear, it’s supposed to be a snap to just scrub it off. Time will tell. But for now, it looks like a fresh coat of Easy-On will let trailer boaters wet-store for a long weekend without worry of growth.

The antifouling paints — Interlux Pacifca Plus and Pettit Hydrocoat — as expected, had no growth. In a week’s time, I’ll haul the panel again and blast it with a hose. Doing so will expose fresh biocide by replicating the “washing action” created by a boat moving through the water. This washing action is a key to the success of any ablative paint. You gotta use your boat! Hey, there are worse fates.


| |Left to right: Pettit Hydrocoat, Interlux Pacifica Plus, Easy-On Bottom Wax. The test panel is suspended between two and five feet below the surface, depending upon stage of tide. A 20-ounce fishing sinker provides weight.|


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