Anatomy of a Rip

Do you know the best spot to cast to in each rip?

Anatomy of a Rip

You know what a rip looks like, and that rips attract fish. But do you know the best spot to cast to in each rip?

The face(A) of the rip is where the current meets the structure — the roughest water. You might draw a strike from the face, but it's not the primary feeding zone. You can still cast to the face and let the current naturally take your offering into the feeding zone.

The eddy(B) of the rip is the pocket of calmer water behind the structure. Fish will often hold in calm areas, but contrary to popular belief, this is not where they feed most actively. When lures touch down here, move them out quickly before the current takes them beyond the feeding zones.

The feeding zone(C) lies between the face and the eddy, on top of or just behind the structure, depending upon its shape. Work your lure or bait to spend the most time here.