Avoid Trailering Mistakes

Follow our guide so that you don't make the same trailering mistakes that we have.

December 18, 2009

I am not a professional boat hauler or driving instructor. I’m just a guy who has dragged boats of every size and shape to the four corners of the continent. Along the way, I’ve made every mistake in the book — especially when complacency or urgency became a factor. So take it from one who’s done it the wrong way, and maybe you can avoid some of the same mistakes.

-Had to abandon more than one rig roadside due to the lack of a trailer spare.

-Watched a just-installed spare shred because it was sun-damaged from long storage on an exposed bracket.


-Collapsed an undersize and poorly supported jack.

-Scrubbed numerous sidewalls on curbs, and ruined rims in high-speed curb hops.

-Backed into and over bikes, soccer balls and mailboxes after failing to get out and look first.


-Started out with the tongue-jack stand still in the down position.

-Jumped a trailer off the hitch at highway speeds after failing to ensure the hitch ball was locked in place.

-Destroyed a fender and damaged a rim by forgetting to remove a locked safety cable.


-Burned up bearings due to insufficient service.

-And yes, I’ve launched without the plug in place.


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