Cast or Spin?

How to decide which reel to use.

Why use pliers if a wrench ratchets a nut tighter? The right-tool-for-the-job mantra applies to reel selection too. Consider how these scenarios give each type of reel an edge.

Scenario 1: Feisty bank cruisers are chasing baitfish up shallow.

Tactic: Cast and crank minnow lures while saving your wrist.

Advantage: High-speed gears retrieve line faster with fewer cranks of handle.

Scenario 2: You have calm seas, slow biters and deep fish on bottom.

Tactic: Free-spool live bait rig, place in rod holder, and turn on reel clicker.

Advantage: More lines in; beefy drag for power.

Scenario 1: Predators are holding beneath shady docks and shoreline overhangs.

Tactic: Open bail and surface-skip lightweight plastic jig under cover.

Advantage: No backlash!

Scenario 2: Schoolies erupt boatside while buddies winch deep fish on bait casters.

Tactic: Flip-cast a weightless bait rig into surface melee.

Advantage: Stealthy presentation for spooky fish.