Contructing A Weighted Trip-Line

Follow our tips to put together a weighted trip-line.

Anglers fishing wrecks and other “sticky” bottom often use a trip line to break the hook free. But as the tide rises, the trip-line buoy can be pulled under, and it can disappear. As the tide drops, slack in the line can cause the buoy to drift off the mark. To solve these pesky problems, use a weighted trip line.

Contructing A Weighted Trip-Line

Step 1: Tie an 8- to 10-ounce fishing sinker to the end of a trip line.

Step 2: Pass the weighted end through the float's loop or shackle, using a length longer than the height of the prevailing waves.

Step 3: Deploy the trip line, and the weight will allow the line length to self-adjust as the water level changes. No disappearing buoy, no coils of slack, and the buoy remains closer to or even directly above the anchor.