Fab Crab

You'd be happy to come home with these crabs...

CW crab $10 • www.cwcrab.com

Predators love eating crabs nearly as much as people do, but most artificial crabs don't track properly or swim realistically. In fact, most don't even look like actual crabs. Enter the CW Crab. Pick up a CW, and you'll immediately realize there's never been a lure like this one before. It's a crankbait with a shell and swim fins molded from the real thing. The legs are embossed on a clear keel, giving them a completely realistic appearance. The makers even claim they've had real crabs attach themselves to the CW as if to mate with it, though this didn't happen when I tested the lure. So what did happen? Stripers turned on, and smashed it time and again.