Want to fish British Columbia's remote, pristine rivers-areas loaded with fish that have never seen a hook? There's only one way to do it-fly to them in a helicopter. Larry Schoenborn of Larry's Worldwide Fishing Packages (800/205-3474, www.fishingwith larry.com) takes you up in his whirlybird and lands on gravel riverbanks. Two-person parties hop from hole to hole to fish for steelhead in excess of 20 pounds as well as dolly varden and cutthroat trout.

Packages run $3,995 a week, including airfare and two days of heli-fishing plus four on jetboats. Time in between is spent on a 15-room floating lodge, a recently remodeled logging vessel. Schoenborn reports that catches of more than 110 steelhead per week are common. Try accomplishing that in civilized waters.